When we experience abnormal, heavy rains in Portland, problems you’d never see on roofs start to show up. Roofers might get away with installing a roof quickly or cheaply, and you won’t see issues for a few years. But when these huge storms come through, you’ll quickly see what they did wrong.

I went to go look at a leak for a homeowner this week. I opened up the hatch and noticed right away that the roofer had installed the roof incorrectly.

Modern shingles need to be over top of a solid deck of plywood or oriented strand board. It says so right in the manual. This roofer didn’t bother to update himself, and he put this brand new roof on top of two by six boards. There were huge gaps. The nails were popping through every gap, fracturing the paper and shingles. I saw drips coming through almost every nail.

Unfortunately, this client didn’t just have one leak; her roof had leaks all over. In fact, it is completely shot and it’s only ten years old! If it had been installed correctly, she could’ve gotten thirty years out of it. Instead, she got a ten-year roof that’s leaking everywhere. And now she has damage inside her house. The drywall has stains, she’s probably going to have some rot, and it’s all going to have to replaced. 

If you’re going to hire a roofing contractor, make sure they climb inside the attic and do a thorough inspection. Ask them questions. If they seem to stutter or not understand the situation completely, get a second opinion. Call Roof Life of Oregon. We’ll give you a full inspection and make sure your roof is installed to last.

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