The last building boom in Portland was in the nineties, which means all the little trees that were planted in the subdivisions have matured over the last twenty to twenty-five years. Those trees have grown up and around your homes and it’s a good idea to get outside this spring and see how they are affecting your roof.

When you go out to check on your flowerbeds this month, take a look at the foliage surrounding your home, especially to the southwest. Figure out what’s south of your home, because that’s what will end up on your roof.

The beautiful laceleaf maples, birch, fir and cedar trees weren’t an issue for your home twenty years ago. But now you’ll find a constant barrage of fungus and moss spoors falling on your roof. We don’t just get a drop of leaves- we get pollinizers. Certain trees drop pods that end up plugging up your drains and promoting growth.

Your trees give you insulation value and protect your home from the sun. So take some of that energy savings and transfer it to roof maintenance. Roof Life can help you plan to maintain a roof that lives around and among maturing trees.


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