Patrick D. Morin talking about the way Roof Life of Oregon would recommend correcting the issue, giving the client peace of mind concerning their roof.

If its been a while since you’ve checked your gutters, let Roof Life of Oregon scamper up on your roof to check it out.

To read the scripted video see below.

We’re going to be able to tell this client if the tree debris will plug it up in one year, why don’t we just trim this tail back, it will allow this gutter to, excuse me, this valley to clear out and kind of flow the junk down the roof and allow this to self drain. It’s pretty amazing how this plugs up pretty quick. It also drizzles for a long time after a rain storm and leaves green streaks down the roof just from the green slime that comes out. I’m just going to continually clean this out. This can be solved by trimming this gutter back and it also doesn’t allow the water to go up underneath the shake which can get to the felt paper and wet rot it out. That’s a little something about keeping those gutter returns trimmed back so that the valleys can clear out and it just is a way to make your roof work right and last longer and take care of you.

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