Patrick D. Morin talking about the importance of keeping gutters and valleys clear of debris, allowing water to run freely down your roof.

If its been a while since you’ve checked your gutters, let Roof Life of Oregon scamper up on your roof to check it out.

To read the scripted video see below.

This is Patrick Morin, Roof Life of Oregon. We’re on a 19 year old shake roof in Portland, OR and I want to show you a scenario that we have where the gutters were put on this roof and run tight to the roof at the bottom of a valley and what happens is tree debris comes down and gets stopped from clearing out of the valley by this gutter which is trying to drain, you can come up here and see all the water that sits in this gutter system. Our solution to do on this is to trim this gutter tail back probably 3 inches at the high side and back maybe 2 inches down here and that actually will allow the tree debris to, now you see when this was originally installed there’s just this little teeny gap here for water to traverse out and any kind of material is going to cause it to plug up.

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