Last week I decided to follow our Roof Replacement Production Manager, Daniel White, on his route for a couple of days. One of the most common problems we found were stains on homeowners siding. Unbeknown to me, these presumed siding or paint issues were actually a result of gutter problems.

Daniel and I produced this video to show you how the original roof installation roofing contractor skimped on the details, which has led to annoying water stains on this home.


Today we’re out in NW Portland; we’re up on a roof and noticed right off when we got to the top of the ladder that there is not kick-out on this. We’re going to explain what a kick-out is; typically when a roof has a wall that meets the roof, the water is going to run down the wall and meet the gutter. As it comes down, it gets to the last piece of this, which is called a step flashing, what it will do is run down and get right behind this siding, right behind the gutter right here, and run down the inside. So if you look down low, you can actually see the outer stains on the wall. In some cases, they will actually cut back the siding, the gutter will slightly go into the siding here, and as that happens the water can actually get in behind the siding. It also can climb into these nails over here and start working inside. So what we do when we put a new roof on, we actually take this step flashing and put a kick out on it. That’s going to take all the water here and make it go straight into the gutter; not down the side of the roof.

If you have water streaks on your painting or siding, let one of our roof consultants inspect your roof and gutters. We’ll provide you with our findings detailing where your previous roof contractor skimped or succeeded in installing your roof.

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