Prior to coming to work for Roof Life of Oregon I never thought once to look at a roof as I drove by it. Now I can’t STOP looking at roofs! I’m by no means a roofing expert like the Roof Life team, but I know one things for sure, if your roof looks like the photo below, you might have a moss problem.

Moss isn’t always this noticeable, in fact the reason why this is so noticeable is because of the positioning of the house. Weather patterns travel from the southwest and moss growth can be categorized using the 80/20 rule. The southwest portions of a roof inherit 80% of the weather, moss, growth, wind, and ultimately roof damage. The northeast portions inherit only 20% which is why if we took a look at the backside of this house we wouldn’t see any moss.

If you can see the moss on your roof, you might need a roof inspection. If you can’t see the moss, but it’s been three to five years since someones been on it, you might need a roof inspection. Roof Life of Oregon has spent the past 27 years on top of roofs and offers Portland’s only five year no leak guarantee in the business. Contact us for one of our free roof inspections and we’ll make sure your roof isn’t about to fly away on a green magic carpet.

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