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Granules in the Gutters: A sign of more to come

Posted November 23, 2010 by Patrick Morin
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One of the biggest problems we see on asphalt composition shingle roofs is a buildup of granules in the gutters. Homeowners often call us out stating their roof has moss on it and their gutters are full, but that is just a few of the problems the roof is facing. Below you’ll find our video explaining the causes and problems with having granules in your gutters.


Hi this is Ken, Roof Life of Oregon, today we’re on a roof that has an asphalt composition shingle, in the Northwest a lot of roofs are moving towards this type of shingle. Because it’s one of the options that a lot of people feel it’s a good option for them. One of the things we look at when we do get on a house that has this product is some of the breakdowns of the product and one of the first things you’ll notice on a house that has it if it hasn’t been installed right or there might be an issue with installation or how the product has been maintained. It starts to lose a lot of granules, more often than not it is caused by improper installation, as we already said, but one of the other key factors is if its not maintained right by putting the wrong product on it to control moss growth. The composition asphalt shingles do have a tendency to grow a lot of moss in our area. Or it could be ventilation, so properly ventilated the roof. All of these things we do take into consideration when we assess the roof and try to put a maintenance package together for you. So if you’re concerned or have any reason to be concerned just give us a call, we can come out, look at your home and see the best way to attack your project.

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