Losing granules can cause your roof to fail prematurely, so you want to do everything you can to avoid it.

Granules in your shingle protect the fiberglass mat from the UV of the sun and it’s important to keep them intact. When I walk on a roof, I immediately can point out potential hazards to your granules, whether that be the obvious culprits, such as trees and limbs, or the more surprising, like power lines.

Something as innocent as a satellite cable could wear out your granules, just by swishing across the roof like a windshield wiper. I was recently on a roof that had tracks from solar panel installers who made a trail going up and down the roof. It’s like tracking a deer through the forest.

It’s not something you want to mess around with, because it can truly take a toll on your roof. At Roof Life of Oregon, we can tell the age, care, and abuse of a shingled roof, just by look at the granules. They can even tell us if the ventilation in your home is correct.

Every roof is different and needs unique care. Roof Life of Oregon can provide you with a free well care check-up to keep your granules healthy and intact.

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