Just because a leak is showing itself inside your home near the ceiling, it doesn’t mean it’s coming from your roof. It could actually be a siding or window issue. Be careful about accepting working for your roof before you know for sure that it is really the problem.

I had a case this week where a house had a leak on the lower level. I talked to the homeowner to figure out what was going on and she told me that the leak only happened when it was really windy. She said that rain would hit the back of the house and then start showing itself inside.

I climbed up to check out the roof and everything looked good. But then I looked up a bit higher: all the windows and siding had separated. The caulking had failed and the window trim was missing flashings. I could see where water had been going in behind the window wrap and back inside the siding.

This leak had nothing to do with the roof. Interestingly, she had already had two roofers out who didn’t tell her that. One of them tried to work on parts of the roof with not luck. And the other was going to get her a quote to replace the section of the roof near the leak. That wouldn’t have done a thing to fix it, because the leak had nothing to do with the roof.

When you call Roof Life of Oregon, we’re going to give you an honest answer. If it’s a roof issue, we’ll let you know, but if it’s not, we’re going to refer you in another direction so that you’re not wasting your money on the wrong project.


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