What a lot of new homeowners don’t realize is new construction homes are often built using sub-contractors. Roofing contractors sometimes use apprentices for half the work, and those apprentices aren’t always being managed. This, combined with speed-incentive pay, leads to faulty installation and mismatched components on your roof.

When these roofing guys are paid by the piece instead of by the hour, the incentive is to go fast to make more money. And the apprentices are not experienced roofers. They are often put to work on the backside of the roof, since you can’t see it from the street. But the backside has to work just as well as the front!

Often when we’re on your roof for a well-care checkup, we’ll go around to the backside and see crooked nails, crooked rows, and cracked vents. They don’t get the overlap correct on the pipe flashings or detail skylights like a journeyman does.

We’ll report all of these things to you after your well-care checkup and then you get to decide if you’d like to take care of them for the overall longevity of your roof. We want your roof to be beautiful, healthy, and long lasting. That starts with correcting the minor or major mistakes that were initially made during construction.

By making these corrections, we can help your roof last another fifteen, twenty or twenty-five years. Get a hold of Roof Life of Oregon to schedule your well-care maintenance checkup.



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