If at all possible, cleaning on a roof should be avoided. When we get on a client’s roof, we can tell if they’ve been maintaining the roof by cleaning it, using short term products, or no products at all. At Roof Life of Oregon, we use only environmentally friendly products to treat your roof, so that you see long-term effects that lengthen the life of your roof, not shorten it like the “weekly special” guys do.

Why it matters
An average roof is about 3,000 square feet and costs any where from $15,000 to $18,000. The short-term cleanings on your roof can actually devalue your roof by 10%! That means every time you get it cleaned, you’re losing $1,500-$1,800 off of your investment, PLUS the amount you paid for the cleaning fee.

We need to maintain the debris and moss on your roof with air instead of cleaning. If you use the cheap weekly special to clean your roof, the spores of the moss go everywhere and come back two or three times heavier the next year.

Roof Life adds value
At Roof Life, we don’t want you moving backward; we want to increase the life of your roof. The products we use to treat your roof keep it beautiful, healthy and moss-free. And it’s going to be the lowest cost if you consider the roof value you’re losing when you go with the weekly special.

Roof Life of Oregon has Portland’s only three or five year no-leak warranty and the city’s only three or five year no-return growth warranty. There are forty-nine of us working here that are one hundred percent committed to the well care of your roof. Nobody else has that.  Don’t let the “weekly special” guys clean your roof and rob you of a beautiful, healthy, and long-lasting investment. Call us today.

Rooflife Warranties

Our Workmanship Warranty is the key to keeping your shingle company’s warranty in place.

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

Can we keep moss and mold from growing back? Yes. Yes we can.

No Moss Growth Warranty

We fix leaks for good.

No Leak Warranty

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