We spend a lot of time talking about the top of your roof, but did you know the underside is just as important? The functioning of your attic and its airflow is absolutely critical to your roof’s health and longevity. It’s unbelievable, but many roofers don’t even do an attic inspection.

To keep bids low, these roofing companies will give you a low bid for your roof and get to work without checking your attic for potential problems. Once you’ve agreed to their low price, then they’ll start seeing things that are going to be issues. That’s when you’ll get a call in the middle of your workday, telling you it’s going to thousands of dollars more than the original bid.

We don’t do that at Roof Life of Oregon. We believe in transparent, no-surprise pricing. We want to get up in your attic for an inspection to find out if you have mold and to make sure ventilation is balanced. We also have to make sure that the deck is healthy enough to lay the shingles on top.

Shingle manufacturers specify the standards of your deck. If we put shingles over a deck with great big gaps in it and a nail hits one of those gaps, your manufacturer warranty is shot. Same thing for ventilation- if you’re having problems a few years down the line with granules falling off, the manufacturer won’t cover your warranty if the ventilation is bad.

We need to make sure these issues aren’t going to pop up and surprise you years down the road. An attic inspection is the way to do that. Don’t let your roofing contractor skip this important part of the process and don’t accept a bid for your roof without it.


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