There is a growing trend in the roofing community and our client base, a shake roof is becoming a specialty item while a presidential roof accepts its position as a commodity in roofing materials. The perception is a presidential roof is easier to maintain and will look better than an old black decaying shake roof. The truth is, it does. Until the presidential roof starts to decay too.

Presidential vs. Shake Roof

What looks better when they’re brand new, a presidential roof or a shake roof?

Presidential Roof

Shake Roof

It all depends on your preference. Do you prefer a woodsy rustic outdoor look or a prestigious look of luxury? There is no right or wrong answer it all depends on the look you’re trying to convey.

Now which roof looks worse? Keep in mind the presidential roof is three years old and the shake roof is 20 years old.

3 year old presidential roof

3 Year Old Presidential Roof

20 year old shake roof

20 Year Old Shake Roof

It depends on if you prefer looking at roof cabbage or old, many times dark or black, looking shakes. What’s clear is your composition roof is going to grow moss more frequently than your shake roof. Our roof treatment for an asphalt composition roof will only prevent moss for a three year period. The shake roof treatment will prevent moss and algae for five years. Why is there a two year gap? Wood is more porous than asphalt. Try pouring a glass of water in the street and then a glass of water on a piece of wood. Which absorbs more water? The wood.

A common misconception by composition roof owner’s is the better the shingle warranty you have the less likely you’re going to grow moss on your roof. 30 year, 40 year and lifetime shingles all grow moss. The only shingle product that can slow moss down are algae resistant shingles, which have copper in them, but in the great Northwest you can’t prevent moss you can only hope to contain it.

Will a Presidential Roof Save You Money?

The question still stands: Does buying a presidential roof really save you money? It depends on how keen you are on performing roof maintenance. For more information on an asphalt composition roof or cedar shake roof visit our roof replacement page.

Rooflife Warranties

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