When you’re hiring someone to do something to your home that requires roof access, you’ll want to hire a roofing contractor to make sure everything is installed properly. If you accept the help of a non roofer, you could end up with a nasty leak in the near future.

We recently went out to a client’s home for regular maintenance; he wanted us to get rid of the moss. He had been updating his home, and had a brand new breaker box installed into his house.

The power company did a really good job. They put in a brand new mast and they’ve got it anchored in. But power companies aren’t roofers. So when they installed it, they took the metal flashing that keeps the water out of your house and slid it down over top of the roof. They added four screws, a bunch of mastic around the flashing and that was that.

The power pole is going to work great, but it’s not if that’s going to leak, it’s when. The tar or mastic that they used is a temporary patch. It’s not designed for permanent use. As it gets dry and brittle over the next few years, it’s going to open up and the homeowner will get a leak right at the power pole.

You’ve got the same thing with satellite dish companies. They’re great with installing dishes, but not so good at making sure it’s waterproof. We’ve seen them run big metal bolts right through the plywood with nothing securing it, or they just add a bunch of tar.
Call a professional roofing company to make sure it is installed correctly. We can add a sticky membrane called ice and water, and secure it the correct way to make sure it’s flashed in correctly. Do not call a non roofer.

If you’re going to have a non-roofing contractor work on your roof, make sure you have Roof Life of Oregon set up to come out immediately after to check the work. It may save you a lot of time, money, and headache in the long run.

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