“My gutters are driving me nuts! I hate my gutters.”

Great working, good-looking gutters are possible with a planned fit system. The right size gutters and downspouts will work harmoniously to get all the water off your roof and into the drains.

Portland homeowners living about and beneath Oregon’s famous evergreen trees claim they have an added stress of constantly plugged gutters and drains. Others, not under trees or near trees, say that it’s the green Oregon gutter slime that builds up and blocks the downspouts causing their gutter grief. Most don’t know what to think because their gutters look normal but the water just keeps coming off the roof and traveling everywhere except flowing freely down the gutters and downspouts (spilling onto your siding, windows, walkways, and entries). Of course, then there are those gutters that look old and worn out, and you know it’s time to replace them.

I would like to help you with your gutter frustration, so I offer a short history lesson and an explanation.

“My gutters only bother me when it’s raining, and unfortunately, it rains in Portland, Oregon eight months out of the year!”

As a general rule, new home gutters are installed by the lowest bid in town. The production builder hires companies to put up a generic type gutter that may or may not fit the house style or roof size and because it was all part of the purchase of the home, it was considered good enough. It’s only after living there a few seasons that you become knowledgeable and frustrated. I have observed this frustration for 25 years and I believe I have found a solution. Allow me to explain.

“When do I know it’s time to replace my gutters?”

Roof Life of Oregon looks at each gutter project as a chance to bring a smile to your life. A truce between you and your gutter frustration! We take the job of getting Oregon’s rainwater off your roof and into your drains very seriously. We are passionate about gutters, sized to fit your home and roof (the type, style and size). We use attachment screws that will hold your gutters on long term (a lifetime as a matter of fact!) How about no more plugged downspouts? We even look at the amount of drain area of the roof and size the downspouts accordingly. If your home is near trees and you need gutter debris protection, we only use the best on the market. Rainflow, a 20-year product that will keep things flowing.

The homeowners of Portland find many reasons for requesting the replacement of their gutters. It really only takes one good gutter problem to cause you to look for relief. We get started by looking at your particular problem and then customizing a solution for you with a lifetime product and workmanship warranty.

Update: Rooflife no longer installs gutter systems. However, most of our roof maintenance work includes cleaning out gutters.

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