Unfortunately, we see photos like this more than you would think. Placing a vent directly below the gutter in a spill area can be a huge problem because it can cause a leak.

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This is a very common problem we see in the Portland metro area. The vent was placed here because either a bathroom of kitchen is below this area. Unfortunately, when a builder has your home designed they may miss issues like this. The roofer then puts the vent in ignoring the common sense for vent placement. Lastly, the gutter installers come and make a cut back to the roof rather than add a down spout to the front of this gable. The process is then complete and when the vent leaks blame can be put on anyone of these contractors.

However, if you have Roof Life of Oregon re-roof your home, we will fix this issue! First, if we can’t move the vent to a better location, then we would at least use the correct vent. The vent in this picture is for exhaust at the top of your roof and is not intended to take this volume of water. For a bathroom vent, it should be a smaller vent with a flap inside specifically designed for a bathroom fan. Next, we would close off the end of the gutter (cut back) and install a down spout to the front of the gable.

This process alone will cut back half of the water pouting down and around this vent. It’s the attention to detal like this that allows Roof Life of Oregon to offer Portland’s only Lifetime workmanship warranty.

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