Roof Life of Oregon customizes maintenance based on the unique features and environment of your home. If you’re surrounded by or are downwind of trees, that’s going to have a major effect on what we’ll need to do to keep your roof functioning properly.

The good news is you’re going to save a ton on energy costs. Because the trees surround you, you’ll have a natural insulation. You’ll also save on your painting costs because the sun and UV rays can’t get to the sides of your home. We recommend taking that savings and allocating it to roof maintenance.

Maybe you’re downwind of our huge fir trees here in Portland. When the wind’s blowing through your neighbor’s fir trees, your roof gets buried in an acidic needle bed. And moss loves acid based environments.

All of these needles tend to collect in your valleys and drains. We’ve got to get up on your roof a couple times a year and use a compressor blower to keep the fir needles out of those spots. Where will all that water go in sudden burst of rain if the drains are all clogged?

We also might want to step up your treatment plan. Instead of visiting your house every three to five years, we might come out every two to four.

We’ve just got to do a little extra normal maintenance so that your roof stays healthy and lasts as long as possible, despite being hit with extra debris throughout the year.


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