We’ve found that quite a few companies don’t get on your roof during an inspection. They measure your roof from a satellite or do a drive-by viewing to make a determination based on generalities. At Roof Life of Oregon, we do a thorough, individual, on-the-roof inspection, based on your roof’s needs.

We get on your roof. The only time we wouldn’t is if we put a ladder up to your house and see that the roof would go backward if we stepped on it. But if your roof is in good enough shape, we’re going to walk it to find out exactly what’s going on.

You simply can’t see what’s really happening with a roof from the ground up. You need to get on a roof, walk down to the lower third, and look back up at the roof to see what toll age, moss and debris have taken.

After our inspection, we come up with a strategy: how can we help move your roof forward? Some homes can just be blown off with compressed air and then we apply an application of our self-cleaning product that should be good for two to five years. But other roofs are so dirty that we have to bring out one of our specially made roof-cleaning machines. We do a cleaning so that we can get our product onto your roof.

When you ask for a well care check-up at Roof Life of Oregon, you’re going to get a complete and honest, on-the-roof inspection so that you know exactly what to expect from your roof in the years moving forward.

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