We received an email from a Roof Life Client on October 20th asking us:

“[I] had Home Depot install a Timberline HD 50 year roof. The salesman recommended using detergent annually on roof. Your website states it could void the warrantee. When would your product be applied on a new roof? Need to do more research before considering an estimate from Roof Life.”

Our response: Thanks for contacting us. We at roof life DO NOT suggest using detergent. It just goes down the drains and to the streams and rivers. Our product is environmentally friendly, and safe for you, pets and the streams. We suggest that around 5 years you look at getting a moss treatment put on the roof. If you see moss growth before that give us a call and we will come give you a free estimate.

Here’s the reason: Laundry detergent is a degreaser, and your roof is made of [greasy] tar. It will void your warranty as it goes against manufacturer specifications and recommendations. The same goes for zinc oxide. It is toxic to fish and will end up in ground water and streams.

Roof Life’s treatment is guaranteed eco-friendly and we are the only company who carries it in our area. To read more about it, see our page regarding our exclusive use of Dennco products.

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