When people put on a new roof, they often wonder about their gutters. I think a lot of people think it’s all one component. In fact, your roof and gutters are two entirely different components of your home.

gutter downspoutWe can replace your roof without touching your gutters and you can replace your gutters without touching the roof. Even if your gutters are around twenty years old, you generally do not need to replace them. Roof replacement gutters, and roof maintenance can all be done separately. We can, and usually do, include some gutter services with our roof cleaning, like making sure your downspouts are flowing correctly, but that is a different topic.

Typically, you just need a gutter tune-up. You can improve the look of gutters just by cleaning them inside and out. Many gutter issues stem from a plugged up downspout. That’s something that can be addressed during your gutter cleanup. And the outside of gutters are prone to algae growth. A quick cleaning can take years off the look of your roof. Curb-appeal is one of the main reasons we get called. People want their roof to look good.

At Roof Life of Oregon, we no longer replace gutters ourselves; we will refer you to a company in the area that does a great job. But we can generally tell you during re-roofing or a well care check-up if we think they need to be replaced.

Don’t replace your gutters or your roof before you really need to. Schedule a well care check-up with Roof Life of Oregon.

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