Winter is officially here and now is the time of year when weather related roofing problems occur. Are you prepared if a roof leak occurs without warning? Roof leaks can appear at any time and your home’s well being is dependent upon on how calm and quick you respond to the problem.

What does a major roof leak problem look like from inside your home?

If your ceiling looks like this, or you can visibly see a wet spot that is getting larger, then you have a major roof leak problem.

If you’re not able to get someone out to your home to take care of your roof leak what are you going to do, let it ruin your entire home? We recommend having a 10×10 tarp, ice pick, large bucket and hand towel grouped together in case a major roof leak arises.

Here is our DIY roof leak band-aid process we recommend:

  1. Locate the visible area on the ceiling where the leak is coming from.
  2. Place your 10×10 tarp underneath the leak area.
  3. Place your large bucket on top of the tarp, directly underneath the leak area, and place your hand towel in the bucket to prevent splashing.
  4. Position your chair or step ladder underneath the leak area.
  5. Using your ice pick, gently pierce the ceiling material to allow the collected water to escape without causing further damage.

If this is done in a timely manner, the process of funneling the water into the bucket will keep the water from collecting in your ceiling and causing more damage in your home. This will afford you time to have a professional come inspect and repair the roof leak.

Don’t let a major leak ruin your home. With our step-by-step process you can turn a roof leak from an emergency into a manageable problem.

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