I’m not saying never do your own projects, but when it comes to more dangerous or complicated tasks like working on your roof, you might want to leave it to an expert. If not, not only are you putting your roof at risk, you’re putting yourself in physical danger.

Last week I went to a house that had very bad leaks. The worst part was that we had given him a quote about three years ago to install his roof. But because it was a large roof, it was expensive, and the client opted to do it himself. Unfortunately, when I went to inspect his roof for the leak, I found that he had made many mistakes in installation.

The poor guy had nails in all the wrong spots and had caused thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damage. Now we have to go in and dismantle everything he did and do even more work. He has this beautiful ceiling with two by four posts that will smell like mildew for years, just because he made some mistakes trying to install his roof himself.

Perhaps even more serious is the physical risk you put yourself in when you try to DIY. Working on a roof is extremely dangerous. It’s dangerous for us and we do it every single day! We do have guys that get hurt occasionally, but it’s rare, because we follow safety procedures and give them the tools to stay safe.

If you’re a homeowner, you probably don’t have all of the tools and the knowledge it takes to stay safe. I recently went to a client’s house and he told me that about a year ago he went up on his roof to do some normal maintenance, nothing hard, and he slipped. He fell off the roof that was only eight feet tall, crashed into the concrete, and broke two bones in his lower leg.

He got to the hospital and had it reset, but, unfortunately, six months after the injury he got an infection in the leg and had to have it amputated. It’s terrible. And it definitely wasn’t worth losing his leg to save a few dollars.

We at Roof Life of Oregon understand that roofs can be expensive. We aren’t denying that. But if you don’t leave the roofing to the experts, it could end up costing you way more than a few dollars in the long run.


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