At Roof Life of Oregon, we care about the details of our work, down to the ladder we use. Generally speaking, aluminum ladders aren’t the best choice. We choose fiberglass to keep the integrity of your gutter system.

A homeowner puts a lot of pride and effort into maintaining the integrity of their gutter system and if you were to lay an aluminum ladder against it, it would certainly scratch. I’ve seen roofers use towels and little sponges, but those wear out overtime.

At Roof Life, we use fiberglass ladders. They are stronger and more durable. We definitely have to replace them more often than we would if we used aluminum, but we think it’s worth the investment.

It’s all about the client. We want the finished product of a project to look perfect. What a shame it would be to put a ding in it. I wouldn’t want to be the guy who does it and the rest of the team feels the same.

We don’t cut corners at Roof Life of Oregon. Every detail of your roofing project matters, down to the ladder.


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