This home has a roof debris problem that can be easily seen from the ground level. Roof debris can cause several long term problems, but the most immediate problem is it’s preventing our roof consultants from determining the amount of roof cleaning or roof repairs.

Below is a photo of a roof with tree debris. The areas to really focus on are the keyways, the space between each shake, which are filled with roof debris on large portion of this roof.

You will see the noticeable difference between the debris laden roof and the roof after being using our industrial compressor blow. The keyways will be clear allowing our team to accurately assess the repair needs of the roof.

Homes categorized with an environment of medium or heavy debris must have their roofs compressor blown annually to maintain our three or five year no-leak no-growth guarantee. Having your roof annually compressor blown keep your roof’s keyways clear which will also help keep your valleys and gutters free of debris. The more debris you have on your roof the more repairs and problems you’ll have.

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