We’ve reached the final part of our three part series on tile roofs with Patrick D. Morin. On Monday, Patrick talked to us about how a tile roof is constructed. Yesterday, Patrick explained what happens when a tile roof beings to crack and ultimately what can happen to your home. Today, Patrick explains how to fix a cracked tile roof.


To fix this, if you don’t stay up with the roof, all these tiles would have to come off, and then you’d have to replace the paper, and then put the tile back together. It’s pretty important that you keep up with these roofs. This is a little example of a tile roof. This is a magnificent house, it’s absolutely stunning. It’s a cedar and stone that has mufti levels of roofing. This is a Monier shake tile, it was made to look like a shake look, only have the longevity of cement. You still have to check them even though they’re a lifetime tile.

If you have a tile roof and would like to make sure it’s staying in tip top shape, call on Roof Life of Oregon to perform one of our free roof maintenance inspection’s.

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