Patrick D. Morin has put together a three part series to help homeowners learn about tile roofs and what to do when they crack. In part one, Patrick talks to us about what a tile roof is comprised of.


Lots of times we get on tile roofs and what we’re doing is of course looking for growth that grows between the tiles and on the butt ends. Between the tiles is here and the butt ends are here. We’re also looking for broken tile. Here’s one that’s sitting here like this when we got up here. As you can see, when I pull it apart you can see the top of the tile below it. This would actually be feeding water into the home. When you look down in there, you probably can’t see it, but there is very heavy felt down there. About three to five years of water constantly dripping on that felt paper is going to wear that felt paper out. This is inside the home so you’ll have water getting inside here and everything else below it will rot out. It’s a pretty important place to come up here and find these tiles that are broken. This whole tile can come out and be replaced with a new tile.

If you have a tile roof and would like to make sure it’s staying in tip top shape, call on Roof Life of Oregon to perform one of our free roof maintenance inspection’s.

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