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Cracked Monier Tile Roof

Posted November 11, 2009 by Patrick Morin
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Tile roofs are used for their longevity and looks, but if not cared for properly can leak and cause headaches like any other roofing material we maintain in the Portland Area. Patrick talks a little bit about how we take care of tile roofs at Roof Life of Oregon.

If your tile, shake, or composition roof hasn’t been checked in the last 5 years, call Roof Life of Oregon and have us scamper up on your roof to make sure your roof is at it’s best!

To read the scripted video, see below.

Lots of times we get on tile roofs and what we’re doing is we’re looking for of course growth that grows between the tiles and on the butt ends. Between the tiles is here and the butt ends are here. We are also looking for broken tile; here is one that’s sitting like this when we got up here and as you can see as I just pull it apart, there is the top of the tile below it and this would actually be feeding water into the home. Now, if you look down in there, I don’t think you can see it, but there is very heavy felt down there, but about 3-5 years of water constantly dripping on that felt paper is going to wear that felt paper out and this is inside the home so you’ll have water getting into here and then everywhere down below here will just rot out, so it’s a pretty important place to be able to come up here and find these tiles that are broken. This whole tile can come out and actually be replaced with a new tile and what we do if this were a visible are is we pull an old tile from the back of the house where no one can see it, put it up here on the front where everybody can see it and it blends in and then we use the new ones in non visible areas on the roof. So I’m going to back up a little bit and go up here. I’ve got Mark with me today, those are his big feet. Mark would you show what happens on this tile up here there’s another one up here….maybe a branch hit or something and from the ground you can’t see it, but you can see that it’s been hit pretty hard, and it’s just feeding water down inside. Here is the moisture, these shakes sit on a slat, and my finger is touching it.  We’re doing a little training today with Mark. So the moisture stops here, would rot out this paper, and basically to fix this if you don’t stay up with the roofs all these tiles would have to come off, you’d have to replace the paper and then put the tile back together, so pretty important that you keep up with these roofs and this is just a little example of a tile roof. This is a magnificent house, it is absolutely stunning. It’s a cedar and stone it has multiple layers of roofing. It is a Monier Shake Tile and it was made to look like a shake and have the longevity of cement. You still have to check them, even though they are a lifetime tile.

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