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Corners Roof Contractors Cut On Your Cedar Shake Roof

Posted April 27, 2010 by Patrick Morin
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Cedar shakes made specifically for you will make a difference and end up costing you less than the cheaper and lower grade cedar shakes used by most roofing contractors in Portland.

Its taken us 25 years, but we did it. We have worked long and hard grow to the point that the best mills in Canada make us our very own cedar shakes. This is a huge blessing for all involved. A win-win situation. The standards are nothing short of perfect and because we skip all the middle-men, traditionally adding $30-$70 a square, we can bring you this material for a little more than all the other Portland roofing contractors offers for low grade cedar shakes. The difference to you as a homeowner is 80% less maintenance. Fewer repairs, less treatment, and a lot better looking roof profile.

In the roof maintenance world of Portland, there are many companies that try to cut corners when repairing your roof. Some roofing companies use a pre-treated green-colored cedar shake to repair a roof that has raw natural-colored cedar shakes. These repairs will never blend in and will leave your roof permanently marked. Some roofing contractors find it too time consuming to hand nail the repairs in a blind nail application and instead nail the daylights out of it with a nail gun. Another common problem is roofing contractors use a lower grade cedar shake so they can save a couple hundred dollars per roof in material costs. How about the roof contractor who only uses low grade cedar shakes that never fit the hole they were pulled from? This leaves your roof’s key ways 2-3 x’s the regulation size required for your roof to work right.

The one common theme with all of these roof contractors is they are not worried about their poor workmanship because they’re not going to answer the phone when you call with a problem. If you had a bucket with as many holes as their warranties have, it would never fill up. You only find out you been shystered when there is a leak or when you try to sell your home and the roof flunks the inspection. This happens all the time in Portland.

All of us here at Roof Life of Oregon spend 8-10 hours a day looking at roofs, it’s our life, and it’s what we do every day. We see work being done out there that if you knew it would scare you to death. Seeing what we see makes us work more diligent in developing ways to explain the differences so that as a layperson you can make an educated decision. Roof Life of Oregon is your best and safest choice in roofing and roof maintenance in Portland.

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