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Composition Roof Replacement Review from Al & Margret T. in Columbia City

Posted July 29, 2010 by Patrick Morin
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Here’s a review we received from Al & Margret T. in Columbia City:

Mr. Morin:

We would be remiss if we didn’t take the time to tell you have blessed you are, to have such a fine group of people in your employ.

Tony St. Pierre was our first contact with your company. He is the consumate salesman who knows your company from top to bottom and is able to give any amount of information needed of requested by the customer.

We were very impressed with Dan, the on site-supervisor. He told us he would be here everyday for progress check and to allay any fears we might have. True to his word, he was here each day the job was in progress, from the roof tear-off to the guttering and downspouts.

I want to take another moment to tell you how well prepared these young fellows are to represent your company and pridefully they do it.

Antonio and his crew did a masterful job. They were under the scrutiny of the entire neighborhood, yet never missed a beat. The daily clean-up process was accomplished each evening.

We did not see the crew from the Great NW Gutters to become as familiar with as we were with Antonio and his crew, but we were very happy with what they did in the comparatively short time they were here. They uncovered some things that could in a few more years become trouble spots.

Mr. Morin, I am sure you are proud of your entire work force. You are justified in those feelings.

Margret and I will be in prayer for you, your loved ones and your employees. May all of you enjoy many many years of success.


Al & Margret T.

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