Here’s a review we received from Scott B. in Beaverton, OR:

If you are sincerely looking at paying to have someone do a QUALITY job on your roof, these are the folks. I’ve been a professional sales rep for the past 10 years in the hi-tech and healthcare industries. I know about sales and pitches, aggressive tactics, etc, etc. There were no high pressure sales by any of the people I spoke with…merely follow up like any legitimate business uses. They didn’t come door to door looking for work, I called them, asked for an estimate, and they were out within 3 days. I didn’t even need to be home as they did their thing and left the estimate on the front porch. You can’t get any more low pressure sales then that!!

The rep who did the estimate followed up in a professional way to go over the estimate in detail and make sure I didn’t have any questions. He advised me very specifically the steps they would take, why they took them, and the timing to expect. I received confirmation calls letting me know when the team would be at my home, and follow up calls to make sure everything went to my satisfaction. All debris from the roof (and there was a LOT of it) that was knocked to the ground was completely cleaned up by the time they left. The only thing i would even have a complaint against is the advised they would be at my home at 10am in the morning and didn’t arrive until after 2pm (you wait longer for the telephone or cable guy to come hook you up).

For all the negative reviews on this site, well, there will always be those whose expectations aren’t met, and quit possibly some could be very legitimate complaints, but overall you get what you pay for. They are not the cheapest (and they freely admit that), but they are not out of the park either, or even close. Do your homework and shop around. If you are a do-it-yourselfer you might even climb up onto your own roof and remove the heavy debris to save a little money. But don’t expect your 20 year old roof to shine like a new penny or you’ll be disappointed. These guys care about their reputation and take it personally when a customer is unhappy, otherwise they would bother with being listed on these reviews.

There are always two sides to every story, so I would simply look at all the positive posts compared to the negative and make a realistic decision. When they come out and do a FREE estimate (one guy wanted $50 up front just to look at the roof! What is that, gas money for you to drive up from Sherwood?) the will leave you with a lot of documentation including a long list of actual customers, with address and phone numbers for you to contact if you wish. Now that’s above and beyond caring about customer relations!

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