How do you know if it’s cheap roof repair or a roof repair for a good value? There are several things to look out for and it starts with your first interaction. improper-cedar-roof-repair

How does the company answer your call? When I’m educating myself on a product or service, it starts from the first time I speak to someone. Do they tell you exactly when someone will be at your home, and does that person actually show up on time?

What happens when they get to your home? Will they do an on-roof inspection or just look from the ground up? If they don’t provide an attic inspection to make sure your ventilation is up to manufacturer’s requirements, that’s definitely a red flag.

What about a warranty? It’s important to make sure the manufacturer is involved. Usually their wallets run a little bit deeper than the contractor’s. And let’s be honest, contractors seem to come and go like a passing parade, but manufacturer’s are pretty stable. They’re most likely going to be around when you need put that warranty to use.

What about longevity? How long will the products last? It may not be worth it if you have to address the issue year after year. Maybe it’s worth investing company that fixes the problem for good.

What about their background? Check online with the Oregon State Contractors Board. The company needs to have their contractor number on every piece of literature and every vehicle. Look up their insurance. See if they have the minimums. Can they even employ people? If it says “exempt,” they can’t.

These are just a few things you should look out for when you’re considering a bid for a roof maintenance or re-roof project.  You should look for a company with substance, integrity, and proven longevity. Because when it comes to your long-term investment, a good value (even if it’s more expensive upfront), is the cheaper option.

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