The real secret to cedar roofing is to find and use the highest grade shakes or shingles available. That’s not as simple and easy as it sounds because they are heavily guarded. In the roofing world they are like gold! Where they are found and how to acquire them and how to transport them into Portland is a well-guarded secret.

Most roofing contractors use an average shake when they replace your roof. After taking care of shake roofs in the Portland area for 24 years, Roof Life of Oregon is committed to installing the best shakes and shingles the industry can deliver. We bring them in from Canada on super big trucks and then we hand deliver them to your roof using state of the art technology.

A follow up secret to cedar roofing is to maintain a staff that are experts in cedar shake installation. We install a lot of shake roofs for home owners, but never for builders. The third secret to installing the best cedar roof in town is to match the components. For example our underlayment is called Feltex. It is fifty times stronger than the industry’s thirty pound shake felt.

Feltex will last as long as a good shake will, felt paper will not. We use stainless steel fasteners (you’d call them nails but they’re a very special nail) so they will last as long as a good shake will, regular galvanized nails will not. The bottom starter course on a roof (this is the row of cedar shingles UNDER the row of shakes just above your rain gutter) stays wet longer than any part of the roof so we use the best wood and have it pressure treated. We even do this on our regular cedar roof replacements.

We suggest if you are going to use cedar shakes or shingles for roofing your home that you use a pretreated, manufacturer warranted 30 or 50-year shake. They look good and when matched with the right components as mentioned above, they will last a very long time and will be your best and safest choice when replacing your roof.

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