Today we complete our three part series on cedar roof maintenance basics. On Monday, Patrick D. Morin explained why cedar roofs need to be properly maintained. Yesterday, Patrick D. Morin explained what Roof Life of Oregon’s process is for cedar roof maintenance. Today, Patrick D. Morin wraps up our discussion explaining why Roof Life of Oregon is different from other roofing contractors. [HINT: it has something to do with warranty]


We’re looking at erosion holes, places that need to be fixed, here’s a lead staple from the original install you want to be careful because this is in a drip line and that could be a leak on the homeowner, we look for all sorts of things we want to fix because we are only going to look at this roof once every 5 years we going to give it a 5 year no leak warranty and we are going to do the repairs and use a self cleaning 5 year preservative which will keep the growth off and allow it to shed the water and in addition to that it will be heat and light reflective. This will give you twice the service life out of this roof and it will look good the whole time, bringing the homeowner peace of mind.

Roof Life of Oregon offers Portland’s only 5 year no leak warranty. In fact out of the 10,000 clients we serve only 7 reported leak problems last year. That’s an unheard of 99.93% roof maintenance success rate. If you don’t want to worry about leaks on your cedar roof for the next five years have Roof Life of Oregon conduct one of our free roof inspections.

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