Lately, we’ve been receiving numerous inquires for cedar roof maintenance. Following our policies and procedures, Roof Life of Oregon provides a comprehensive roof inspection and suggestions for roof maintenance. What does that mean, what are we looking for, and why the heck does your roof need our suggestions?!

Over the next few days, Patrick D. Morin will take us through his roof inspection and analysis of a cedar roof here in Portland, OR. Today, Patrick talks about cedar roof maintenance.


I want to talk a little bit about roof maintenance; this is a typical 12 yr old shake roof in a sub division here in Portland OR. When we get on the roofs generally as we look across this roof that it’s been cleaned and treated before, this type of growth is a re-growth, meaning that it’s been treated before but it’s been a long enough period of time that the growth is starting to come back on the roof. We are looking at the south side, the two sides that wear on a shake roof in Portland is the south and west sides, we are looking for erosion holes, this is the felt paper, this shake starts here and stops here, its 24 inches long, and the water just wears the shake out, here is another one here, here’s another one here.

If you can’t remember the last time someone walked your cedar roof, or your the new owner of a recently purchased home, it’s in your best interest to have Roof Life of Oregon come out and provide a free roof inspection. To read part two of our cedar roof maintenance process stop by our blog again on Wednesday.

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