This week we’ve taken a look at the Roof Life of Oregon cedar roof construction process. While we’ve only examined the pre-project stage, this is a factor between getting a quality roofing project that lasts and one that degrades prior to the warranty. Monday, Daniel White discussed the safety measures and precautions Roof Life of Oregon takes to ensure everyone is safe when starting your cedar roof construction project. Wednesday, Daniel explained how we load your roof with your roofing materials and why this is important. Today, we take a look at the roof when it’s completely loaded and ready to be constructed.


This is the finished product, nice and stacked, even rows distributed nicely along the roof. This is going to keep us from putting too much weight in once place on your roof. We distribute it all the way across your roof so the guys can work from either side. They can pull from either side, work down that side of the roof, or this side of the roof.

To learn more about the Roof Life of Oregon roof construction difference please visit our cedar roof page.

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