On Monday Daniel White discussed the safety measures and precautions Roof Life of Oregon takes to ensure everyone is safe when starting your cedar roof construction project. Today, Daniel explains how we load your roof with your roofing materials and why this is important.


You see we have our harnesses on, it’s a nice shallow roof, but we want to make sure we’re safe on every single roof. So as they load the shingles on the guys can grab them directly and hand them off to each other. These are called jacks. They stack them so that we can make sure that the weight is distributed evenly throughout your job site. As we go we’ll be able to stack it all these 2 by 6 jacks and down the next set there and distribute it evenly across the entire roof that makes it easy for the guys. A lot of distributors as they load the roofs, they load it before it’s torn off, by having this truck ourselves and loading it ourselves we can have the entire roof torn up and deliver it to the roof when we want we don’t have to go in a specific schedule it’s all ours.

The Roof Life of Oregon difference is in our process. To learn more about our cedar roof construction visit the section on our website.

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