If you’re in the market for a roof replacement, or roof construction, it’s important you compare apples to apples. Unfortunately for homeowners, roofing contractors are a dime a dozen. The average roofing contractor is in business for only two years before closing shop. Do you think your recently installed 30 year or lifetime roof is going to last and remain under warranty if the roofing contractor hasn’t been in business for 20+ years? Major purchases require research and due diligence to ensure your investment is long term.

One of the differences between a Roof Life of Oregon roof construction and another roofing contractors is how we start our project. Daniel White, our Roof Replacement Production Manager, walks us through the process of starting a new roof construction project.


Today we are out in West Linn and we are loading shakes on a roof. This homeowner decided they are going to go with a 7/8th cedar treated shake. We do buy the shakes direct and have them straight shipped to our shop. Because of that we do load them ourselves; we don’t have a supplier do it. This truck is how we’re going to do that; this truck is a roof top loader truck. Let me show you how we’re going to do that. One of our guys is up on the truck, and we have our guys make sure that they have their harnesses on and they’re ready to start loading. Next thing we will do is turn on the convener. You can see that we have caution tape so that no one walks in that area under that boom. We don’t want anything falling off and hitting anyone, a home owner comes home, or anything like that we’re going to make sure we have a nice taped zone.

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