In this episode, Jerry explains why your upstairs and attic get so hot during the summer- the answer may surprise you. Podcast Transcription: RoofLifeB024-182  Shayla: You are listening to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast and I’m talking with Jerry today. Jerry, why might it be so much hotter than an upstairs than it is… Read more »

When you pay by the hour, you encourage workers to slow down, and pay more attention to the work they are doing. Unfortunately, one of our recent customers had a ridge vent installation by a contractor who paid by the piece. It didn’t work out so well. This customer’s ridge caps were blowing off his… Read more »

“Why in the world do you need to look inside my attic before you install my roof? None of the other roofing contractors did that.” We get this a lot. And our response is always, “They didn’t!?” An attic inspection is one of the most important steps prior to re-roofing. We need to understand the... Read more »

Bathroom vent going into attic and not outside!