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Roof Life of Oregon is busy this time of year, so we try to be fair to our clients by serving them on a first come, first serve basis. Unfortunately, we had a client who chose not to wait, and ended up purchasing an entire roof that she didn’t need. So how often do roofs need… Read more »

  In this episode, Jerry discusses how quickly small issues with your roof can become really BIG issues. What is your leak tolerance? If you’re not ok with water coming into your home or garage, call us for a free inspection today! Roof Maintenance Portland

When you hear that a big storm is coming, do you feel nervous about how your roof will hold up? Do you start wondering about roof preparation for winter, how to prepare for roof leaks, or do you already have them? That’s probably a sign that you need a roof inspection before this winter season…. Read more »

The easiest type of roof to take care of would be one that goes straight across. But the dormers and gables create the beauty and allure we all want for our home. Unfortunately, all of those complexities create valleys and transitions on the roof, and if they aren’t installed properly, they could cause you some… Read more »