Roof Ventilation

Do you have a power fan in your attic? It may be the cause of poor ventilation. In this video, Patrick Morin explains. If you have a power fan or are experiencing poor airflow, schedule a free inspection of your roof today.

Patrick Morin tells us how Roof Life of Oregon makes sure our roofs and homes have balanced ventilation and why it’s so important. If you’re experiencing airflow issues, schedule a free inspection today.

All those plastic can vents on your roof may look fine from the ground. Learn why you should have Rooflife inspect your roof.

We recently discussed an array of products you can use for attic exhaust and intake to obtain a balanced roof ventilation system. One topic we covered lightly, that we wanted to go into more detail about, was the commonly found problem of short-circuiting your roof ventilation system. Below you will find a perfect example of... Read more »
Short-Circuit Ventilation System

Short-Circuit Ventilation System

We’ve seen quite several different techniques for roof ventilation across the Greater Portland area including artistic roof ventilation, roof ventilation overload, and the use of additional can vents. During an inspection of a Beaverton Condominium complex, we noticed the use of can vents placed low on the roof for intake instead of having intake cuts… Read more »