Roof Ventilation

There are two things that cause your home to feel uncomfortable upstairs: poor ventilation and roof type. We talk about ventilation at Roof Life a lot, because it’s incredibly important to the health of your roof and home. If the roof ventilation isn’t dialed in, not only will you lose your manufacturer warranty, all the… Read more »

Your hot room upstairs may not be caused by your HVAC. If you’d like Roof Life to have a look, schedule a free well care check-up today. 

Not every roof vent will work for your bathroom and kitchen ventilation. Daniel tells us exactly which vent we should use. Think you might be using the wrong vents for your bathroom and kitchen ventilation? Schedule a free inspection with Roof Life.

Have you ever had a roof installed without an attic inspection first? It happens more than you think. Listen to Daniel explain why Roof Life of Oregon always does an attic inspection before install.