Roof Ventilation

roof ventilation oregon

Some homeowners think if they just keep adding vents, it’s going to keep the roof cooler and healthier. But if you start mixing different styles of ventilation, it can actually short circuit the system and work against you. Case and point: I was recently working with a client who needs a new roof. He just… Read more »

In the Pacific Northwest, we get a huge variety of critters. You know the car insurance commercial with the raccoon that gets inside the attic and he’s eating the fluffy stuff? We’ve seen it. Let’s start from the bottom. Starlings. Starlings are an invasive species to our area and can go through almost anything. Under... Read more »

Squirrel damage to a lead pipe

I get this question a lot. It’s really non-stop. Sadly, a lot of people dump money into something that’s not going to give them much remedy. The first thing people blame for a hot upstairs is the HVAC system. They’ll spend thousands on a brand new air conditioner with a zone system to try to… Read more »

tree damage to roof

My wife and I planted two beautiful cherry trees sixteen years ago. They eventually grew over the top of our two-story house. I had to get up there and trim the branches off the roof, and my wife got a little mad at me. She didn’t understand why I had to trim our beautiful trees. I… Read more »