The story of your roof doesn’t end after it’s finished being installed. A good contractor will help you put a plan in place, and be there for you if you have any questions or concerns after the fact. We’ve been around for 35 years for a reason.¬†https://rooflife-oregon.com/roof-replacement-estimate/  

Did you know that a good landscaper or arborist can actually help extend the life of your roof? Tim explains a couple handy tips to help your roof look better, last longer, and work right-er. https://rooflife-oregon.com/roof-maintenance/

People ask this question enough that we figured we’d better address it. Moss grows on everything in the PNW; wood, rocks, concrete, cedar roofs, tile roofs, and asphalt composition roofs. Get on a maintenance and treatment plan to help your roof work better and last longer. https://rooflife-oregon.com/roof-maintenance/

Our Fall & Winter last year set 7 state records- it was crazy! We’re expected to get the rain in another set of storm surges this coming winter. Make sure your roof is ready. Give us a call: 503-925-0125 or visit¬†https://rooflife-oregon.com/

Look Up! Remember you’ve got a roof up there that needs attention. Is there debris? Moss? Figure out where the water might get stuck. Can’t get up there yourself? Give us a call. https://rooflife-oregon.com/