This home has a roof debris problem that can be easily seen from the ground level. Roof debris can cause several long term problems, but the most immediate problem is it’s preventing our roof consultants from determining the amount of roof cleaning or roof repairs. Below is a photo of a roof with tree debris…. Read more »

Roof debris is a common problem found on roofs in the Greater Portland area. The natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest can also create havoc on your roof without a little TLC. A key question to ask yourself is, when a roofing contractor says you have ‘roof debris’ what does that mean? Living in the... Read more »

If you’ve never been on your roof before it’s hard to know what, or how much, debris is falling on it. Today’s image features what we would call a roof with heavy debris. At Roof Life of Oregon we offer a no leak and no growth guarantee for three or five years. However, if you’re… Read more »

Patrick talks about the importance of keeping your Cedar, Composition, and Tile roofs clear of excess tree debris. He tells us about Compressor Blowing your roof. Why we do this and how we do it! He also tells us the different levels of tree debris and how they need to be maintained. He talks about Heavy debris… Read more »

     Its late fall to early winter in Portland and homeowners are wondering what they can do to make sure there roof is in good shape. Most important is to get the junk off of it. The tree debris will cause water retention and it’s not good for your roof. Debris buildup creates diversions of… Read more »