preparing roof for portland winter

One of the best things about living in Portland is the beautiful foliage that surrounds us. The variety of trees we get to enjoy on a daily basis is part of what we love most about our state. The rain required to make those trees a bright shade of green, however, it can cause roof… Read more »

In this episode, Patrick offers some helpful tips to help homeowners navigate remodeling when it comes to roofing, additions, and skylights. Average contractors will cut corners on things you won’t see and you’ll pay for it later. Make sure you’re asking the right questions! Podcast Transcription: RoofLifeB025-188  Shayla: You are listening to the Roof Life of… Read more »

When we go out to a home, we can usually tell which parts of the home have been remodeled. As our industry changes and progresses, there are often updates that can be made to remodels to keep water out of your home. Here are just a couple things to look out when remodeling. Remodelers like… Read more »

Many of us like to use generic or knock-off products whenever we can. They’re a little cheaper, and sometimes they do just about the same thing. But when it comes to your roof, generic components can lead to big issues. A client recently called and told us that she had a solar tube installed and… Read more »

We had a client a couple years ago that had a bad skylight, skylight seal, flashing and vent. We diagnosed the issues and told him what we needed to do to fix it all. The cost was under a thousand dollars, but the client decided to do it himself instead. Fast-forward two years. His roof... Read more »

Sunken roof from wet-rot

Daniel loves DIY, but when it comes to your roof- especially leaks from vents and skylights- you should call the professionals. Have a leak? Call for our emergency leak service.

When you hear that a big storm is coming, do you feel nervous about how your roof will hold up? Do you start wondering how to repair roof leaks, how to prepare for roof leaks, or do you already have them? That’s probably a sign that you need a roof inspection before this winter season. The wind-driven… Read more »

Want to see what skylight seals look like when they’ve gone bad? Check out this video of Patrick Morin out in the field. Schedule a free inspection of your roof and we’ll make sure all the parts of your roof are ready to withstand Portland weather.

At Roof Life of Oregon we believe in conservation and routinely perform roof skylight recycling. 100% of the proceeds we receive, from all of the recyclable metal on the used skylights, we donate to Shriners Hospitals for Children. Today we’ll show you, with the help of Oleg Malofeyev, how we break down a skylight so... Read more »

I have been asked this question a lot over the last 25 years. It used to be only the finest of homes or remodeled homes had skylights. Because of that, there used to be a market for skylight installation specialists. Then in the beginning of the 90s it seemed like every house built had skylights…. Read more »