Ridge Caps

In this episode, Jerry helps clarify that “roofer jargon” your contractor may be speaking. Sometimes it feels like a company is trying to confuse you with all their terminology and acronyms. But at Roof Life, we feel like the more you understand the lingo, the more you’ll understand the value of what we do. As… Read more »

In this episode, we talk with Daniel about the pitfalls homeowners can encounter if they choose a roofing contractor who cuts corners and mixes and matches the components on their roof. It could mean big problems, ranging from roof leaks to earlier than necessary roof replacement.14 Podcast Transcription: RoofLifeB031-211 Shayla: Thank you for joining us today… Read more »

Fasteners? Comp? Architectural Shingle? Flashing? Jerry helps you understand some basic roof lingo, for those of you who don’t parle the roofer speak. Let us help you get to know your roof.  

In this episode, Daniel talks components; which ones matter (*hint: it’s all of them), why they matter, and why some contractors choose not to match them or tell homeowners that matching doesn’t matter. Podcast Transcription: RoofLifeB024-181 Shayla: You are listening to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast and I’m talking today with Daniel. Daniel, why… Read more »

In this episode, Daniel talks about working with contractors. If you are in the middle of building a new home, or if you plan on doing so in the future, he has some very helpful tips for what to look for and ask for when discussing your options with contractors. Podcast Transcription- RoofLifeB022-173: Shayla: You… Read more »


We had a crazy amount of rain this year, and we’ve seen a lot of roof leaks because of it. Many of these leaks could’ve been avoided with proper roof installation during home building. It’s made me think about my own experience building a home, and how lucky I was to know what questions to… Read more »

In this episode, Daniel fills us in on what a ridge cap is, what the options are, and the difference they can make to your roof and your wallet. Podcast Transcription- RoofLifeB017-138: Shayla: Welcome to the Roof Life of Oregon podcast. I’m talking with roof specialist Daniel. And, Daniel, today I want to talk a… Read more »

When you pay by the hour, you encourage workers to slow down, and pay more attention to the work they are doing. Unfortunately, one of our recent customers had a ridge vent installation by a contractor who paid by the piece. It didn’t work out so well. This customer’s ridge caps were blowing off his… Read more »