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Roofing is complicated, but we hope you find value in the various topics and posts we’ve procured over the years from our exceptional service to the Greater Portland Metro. If you have any additional questions, please Contact Us.

What’s the Big Deal About Matching Roof Components?

There are a lot of roofers who try to keep their costs low by adding cheap parts and pieces to a roof. You’ve got this roof that’s supposed to last …

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Honesty (and Dishonesty) Comes Back to You

We believe that if we give our customers accurate information, if we’re honest with them, it’s going to come back to us. So, are roofers honest? While we cannot speak …

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Some Companies Will Do Anything for a Quick Buck

Homeowners often call us and say, “I have this horrible moss on my roof. Can you make you it look nicer?”  We always inspect the roof to evaluate what, if …

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Watch: Don’t Be Afraid To Talk To Your Contractor

Daniel tells a story about his experiences with the contractors who built his home almost twenty years ago and why he’s grateful he spoke up and asked for what he …

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Watch: Never Hire A Contractor With A 1-Year Warranty

This blows our minds. There continues to be a wealth of fly-by-night roofing contractors hired by good people, who do bad work and then disappear, leaving the client helpless. Jerry …

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Podcast: How To Get What You Want From Your Building Contractor

In this episode, Daniel talks about working with contractors. If you are in the middle of building a new home, or if you plan on doing so in the future, …

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Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions During Your Home Build

We had a crazy amount of rain this year, and we’ve seen a lot of roof leaks because of it. Many of these leaks could’ve been avoided with proper roof …

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Watch: Our Real Estate Inspection Could Have Saved Him $90K

Patrick recalls working with a client whose home was in a historic zone and needed specialty roof instructions which his general home inspector failed to give. Our Real Estate Roof …

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Podcast: Manufacturer Best Practices versus Allowable Roofing Guidelines?

In this episode, we talk to Daniel about the different kinds of manufacturer recommendations when it comes to installation. There are right and wrong ways to do things, and while …

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