Composite Slate Shingles and Shakes

A Ridge Vent is an option to homeowners to ventilate their attic space. A ridge vent is a 2 inch wide strip cut right on the ridge line, giving the most convection type pull of air possible.┬áThe ridge of your roof is then roofed over top of the ridge vent, so┬áthere is no visible evidence… Read more »

  Here is another low bid re-roof project where the homeowner got the short end of the stick. Of course, they thought they were getting a smoking hot deal. This 1st picture is of a roof on the weather side dormer on the front of a home valued at over $900,000. It was recently completed… Read more »

We get this question a lot: Do you guys take care of composition roofs too? And this one: Do you guys put on nice composition roofs? One more: Do you guys do roofing? The truth is we do…and we are the best at it. We established our reputation with years of quality cedar roof maintenance… Read more »