Cedar Shakes

Recently, I had to stand in a client’s kitchen and tell him that his seven-year-old roof needed to replaced. The culprit? An architectural shingle on top of a shiplap deck. The client initially told us he had only one or two leaks in the garage. When I got out there, I took a look in... Read more »

5 layers of roofing material!!

If you have a lift in the middle of your roof with nothing around it, it could be a plywood pop, a sure sign of your shingles lifting. , a sure sign of your shingles lifting. When you install a roof, you have to leave a gap in the deck. If you look down at... Read more »

“plywood pop” due to expansion

I have clients all the time who say to me, “I can’t wait to get out of this cedar shake! I’m going to go to this composition style roof and it’s going to be awesome. No more maintenance!” Unfortunately, that’s not the case. There is not a single roof on the market that doesn’t require… Read more »