Cedar Shakes

In 1995, an unknown roofer placed a solitary nail right in the middle of this roof’s drain area. From the ground, it looks like just a bunch of roofing up there, and as long as it’s not leaking you feel pretty good about everything. But that nail was in a key way. That’s the roofing… Read more »

Cedar’s carbon footprint is the smallest of all roofing material. It’s affordable and if put together with the right components, it will last 30-50 years. (The right components include decades of experience plus Feltex underlayment, stainless steel fasteners, lead pipe flashings, and correct ventilation)

You should start looking at roof-tops as you drive through your neighborhood. (Hey, I do it all the time!) Some homes sit under trees and others sit in the open. Some roofs are taken care of and some are neglected. Some cedar roofs have a light ash grey appearance (nice and healthy!) and some have… Read more »

If you have a wood roof, it’s more than likely a ½ inch #1 cedar shake. They usually are the lowest grade in the #1 grade arena for cedar shake roofing materials. In the trade, they’re known as “builder’s grade” because they are very economical for building entire housing developments. These types of shakes require… Read more »